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Genie 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer

Genie Hand Sanitizer (GHS) provides a protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin that is long-lasting – up to 24 hours – even after washing your hands. GHS is alcohol-free, no Triclosan or Benzalkonium, is odorless, fast drying with no stick residue and non-flammable. GHS has more active antimicrobial then other non-alcohol-based sanitizers (0.8% active). Additionally, has a moisturizer for a skin-friendly hand sanitizer that soothes your skin and prevents dryness. This product is safe to use throughout the day to help protect against the spread of Germs: protecting against bacteria, viruses, and infection.

The Problem:
Harmful germs are everywhere, but alcohol-based gels aren’t the answer!

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are toxic, flammable
  • Only last 2 minutes per use
  • Changes your skin’s natural PH
  • Dries out skin
  • Can be absorbed into skin / “licked off” and ingested
  • Gel residues actually attract more germs
  • Must use over & over& over to combat germs


Genie 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer:  up to 24Hour Defense

  • Kills 99.99% of germs & keeps them away up to 24 hrs
  • Germ barrier kills germs physically (punctures bacteria cell wall)
  • Safe for children & adults
  • Remains effective thru hand washings
  • Leaves hands soft and smooth
  • Maintains skin’s natural PH
  • Does not dry out skin
  • No gel residues / no alcohol / no fragrance
  • More economical than traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizer

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