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the stick genie

The Stink Genie’s standard warranty is 1 year on workmanship from date of shipment. This would apply to metalwork and assembly. Additionally, we extend warranties to you from our component manufacturers.

We have confirmed that the components in question are warranted for 1 year, with the exception of the lamp carrying a 12,000-hour warranty.

30 DAY Money Back Guarantee

PATENT PENDING # 16/027697

Disclaimer: This unit is not a toy and is not suitable to be used or played with by children. Adult supervision is required. Do not look directly through perforated areas at the light. You must use caution and good judgement operating this device and be used in unoccupied areas. The output contains 03(ozone), which is not suitable for direct inhalation. You risk electrical shock if you open the case. USE AT OWN RISK.

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