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joel gardner

The Stink Genie

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that my “Stink Genie” ozone unit that I purchased a year ago is still working Amazing! It removes ALL odors from my sports equipment like magic! I have even used it in my car to re freshen the air with fantastic results! it is a great product and I will be buying another unit as a gift! Thanks, guys!

Terrance Jerulle

Fantastic product!!

We are living part time now in a humid climate and have found that mold and odors can occur more readily here. The Stink Genie is the perfect solution for removing odors and keeping my outdoor cushions, bedding and towels super fresh!! As a self-proclaimed girl with OCD this product makes me very happy!! Also, as an interior designer this product is sleek and unassuming, so it’s perfect when using for home staging. I would sincerely recommend this product over and over again! Bravo Stink Genie!!

Kristen Baughman

Stink Genie Works!

I got a stink genie about a year ago and use it weekly in my garage. I play hockey 3 times a week and it helps keep my garage smelling fresh. We live in Florida so I keep wet hockey equipment in the garage and it can stink. This is an amazing Genie that keeps my garage smelling fresh. Love it..

Mike Carr

Takes the hockey stink away!

The Stink Genie works, i leave it on overnight by my hockey equipment and the next morning the equipment does not not smell anymore, a great product, also takes away dog odor in our house.

Greg Manchester

The Stink Genie

During my career in the NHL I was fortunate to escape the stench that comes with using my equipment every day- we had equipment staff who tended to that side of things and did a great job of keeping the odors in line. Further, if a particular item began to stink it was replaced with a new one. Fast forward a few years and things have changed. Now that I am done, I rarely play anymore, but I continue to sweat when I do… and my gear is not getting any newer. With the extra miles using the same set of gear, and the fact that I no longer “air out” my gear after each use (more often than not it remains in the trunk overnight, in the bag in the corner of the garage, or in the front hall at home), comes those familiar odors that we all know- and while the ripeness does not bug me, I do have a wife who prefers that I continue to leave the odor at the rink. Enter the Stink Genie- the one stop shop that allows me to do what I do and alleviates the odors and bacteria from my equipment simply and efficiently. It keeps my wife happy, my equipment fresh, and now has a role in our home well beyond just the hockey bag; we use it in our closets, with our pet bed, and even in our cars and I recommend it to anyone looking to rid their lives of unwanted household odors/bacteria.

Jesse Windchester (Retired NHL Player)

The Stink Genie

We use the Stink Genie for hockey bags and for the hotel room while traveling for hockey. Works great and easy to use. Plug in, set timer and walk away.

Julie DuPont

The Stink Genie

We love our Stink Genie!!! It’s very effective to remove hockey odours! And so easy to use! Just plug it in and in a short time the smell is gone!!!! So happy there is finally something to get rid of hockey equipment odours!

Alison Dickson


Have three for my grandkids it does the trick their hockey equipment doesn’t smell takes one hour….
We use it in dressing rooms, garage anywhere that bacteria can form and it cleans the air
Best purchase for getting rid of bacteria and smell.

Frank Evestaff