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How It Works

The Stink Genie deodorizing/sanitizing system is a uniquely engineered, integrated UVC (ozone) system designed to dramatically reduce and control toxic compounds such as mold, mildew, fungus, formaldehyde, xylene gasses and tobacco smoke along with infectious agents such as bacteria, influenza, hemolytic streptococci and many others.

The Stink Genie removes the source cause of odors, instead of just masking them like sprays and deodorizers.

The Stink Genie can be used in small enclosed spaces to generate the ozone shock treatment. Place unit in top or middle of any bag, bin, drum or any space enclosure and items within the space will be treated. For larger areas, a longer treatment time will be required.

 *Plugging The Stink Genie into a timer can assist with treatment times and shutting the unit off prior to any occupants returning.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 3.5″ x 3″
WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs
CYCLES: 32,000 thirty minute shock treatments (industry leader)
**for use in unoccupied spaces**

Fights the Odors at the Source

The Stink Genie uses ozone to neutralize odors at the source. It doesn’t just mask them like sprays and deodorizers.

Ozone molecules have a short half-life of only 20 – 30 minutes and this allows for them to work rapidly to get rid of the negative ions in the air and to neutralize the surrounding air so that the odor can be dealt with efficiently and effectively in a quick and easy manner. Ozone molecules will begin to break down as soon as they are released into the air. Once they separate into individual oxygen atoms, they will attach to any gases that they find floating around the in the air. By attaching to odor molecules, the oxygen will strip them of their individual attributes, including their smell, and the odor will become neutralized naturally.

Ozone technology is nature’s air cleaner and is the green way that people can use to purify any area, both large and small so that the surrounding air cannot only be rid of odors. Odors are not only unpleasant but also contain many nasty substances such as toxins and bacteria. These can cause a variety of different health complication and problems. To eliminate odors completely is not only important from a social aspect, but also from a health and wellbeing point of view.

Bacteria in a petri dish

Where to Use the Stink Genie

Sports Equipment Removal

The Stink Genie system easily inserts into any equipment bag. Remove items that can be machine washed (if possible but not necessary) and place system in the middle of the bag not to restrict airflow. Turn on, walk away and come back in 30 minutes to shut off the unit. Ozone will dissipate back to oxygen and leave gear with a fresh smell. Time may vary depending on equipment odors.

Pet Odor Removal

The Stink Genie can be used for pet odor removal to sanitize the entire area living area while the pets are away. Ozone works great in homes, offices, clinics and other facilities as a dog and cat urine odor remover, as well as general pet odors clinging to bedding, carpet, walls or ceilings. Any items can be placed in a bag or bin and place unit inside and leave for treatment. Ozone will go wherever air flows to oxidize odors at their source. From a room to an entire facility that needs cat and dog urine odor removal, The Stink Genie generator is a powerful deodorizer.

Car Odor Removal

The Stink Genie can be used in any vehicles that contain smoke or other foul odors. Place the unit on the dashboard or anywhere higher up in the vehicle. Ozone is heavier than air so the higher the point the better. Don’ t mask odors with artificial air fresheners that some find offensive. Create a fresh smelling, car, truck, RV or tour bus free of odors with The Stink Genie.

Schools, Classrooms, Offices

The Stink Genie for Schools, classrooms and office buildings that develop odors as a result of being used for extended periods by a variety of occupants. In addition, school locker rooms and gymnasiums are notorious for developing odors that are not easy to eliminate. For the most comprehensive microorganism and odor removal, choose The Stink Genie system. With ozone odor removal, the next occupant enters an office or classroom and there is no trace of an odor from previous inhabitants.

Smoke Odor Removal

The Stink Genie is extremely effective for smoke odor removal because the O3 attacks odors at their source, even if they are clinging to walls, fabrics and ductwork. The best way to remove cigarette odor from smoking bars, bingo parlors, pubs, casinos and pool halls is at night while the facility is closed. Buildings that have suffered fire and smoke damage may require a longer-term ozone shock treatment with The Stink Genie, but ozone is very effective in fire damage and tobacco smoke odor removal.

Apartments, Houses, Rental Properties, Hotel Rooms, Dormitories

The Stink Genie can help a residence with an odor problem that can hinder the sale or rental of an otherwise beautiful home. Ozone generators are extremely effective at removing odors that cling to walls, carpet, furniture, drapes, and inside ductwork as well as in the bathroom, kitchen and closets. Remove cigarette odor, body odors, pet odors or almost any odor before renting homes, apartments, dormitories or hotel rooms to new occupants. Kill odors inside the entire residence with The Stink Genie.

Boats, Cruise Ships, Yachts

The Stink Genie can help with moisture inside marine vessels that creates a potential breeding ground for microorganisms and the development of odors in many spaces. Thoroughly remove odors from cruise ship cabins and dining rooms with The Stink Genie system.

Water Damage, Mold/Mildew

The Stink Genie helps when water floods all or part of a facility, mold and mildew are almost inevitable. In water damaged areas or damp environments, O3 will deteriorate the cell structure of microorganisms, mold and mildew, and break down their ability to reproduce.

Disclaimer: This unit is not a toy and is not suitable to be used or played with by children. Adult supervision is required. Do not look directly through perforated areas at the light. You must use caution and good judgement operating this device and be used in unoccupied areas. The output contains 03(ozone), which is not suitable for direct inhalation. You risk electrical shock if you open the case. USE AT OWN RISK.

Get the Stink Out!

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